Craigslist Missed Connections: Swinging

To: The Other Black Guy at Swing Dancing Last Night,

One, two, rock-step, one, two, rock-step....away from ethnic expectations.

Congratulations first on following the Oreo rules and going to an event where you would most likely be the only of color in attendance. I apologize for not checking the memo and also showing up, I know it was awkward to be in such close proximity.

Also congratulations on fantastic footwork. Your Lindy is enviable.

Finally, thank you for not asking me to dance when we were the only two people without partners during “L-O-V-E.”

Sure, we were wasting time just standing there while a perfectly good song was playing and there was room on the dance floor. But we already looked silly in our saddle shoes and sailor pants. No need to look like RBP as well.



Question: As an Oreo, I naturally feel most comfortable when I’m in a predominantly non-colored crowd–when no one in the restaurant/movie theater/saddlery looks like me. But does it work the other way? How do you feel when you’re in a crowd where no one looks like you? Let us know in the comments!