oscars 2011

Oscar Haikus!

My excitement over this year’s Oscars can only be expressed in some nice 5-7-5 meter!

Anglo-tastic night
One brown nominee but
No win for Bardem


More like Vicky, Christina, Barce-sexy!

Nothing did my Oreo heart more good to see that on this night when we award the best of the best of the image makers, they didn’t clutter up the stage or screw with the lighting requirements by throwing a bunch of of colors into the mix.

Why practice timing
If host jokes don’t land: Plan B
Blue latex dress. Go!

Honestly, I’m torn. It was kind of cool. And kind of scary.

Colin, Hooper, Leigh
Hel’na, more! Brit invasion!
So Anglo! I approve!


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So many British nominees/winners! Is this their plan to take back the colonies? Fine by me. I love Duffle Coats!

Autotune the news
Made Oscar debut tonight
Fine, but why Twilight??

I’m assuming it was ATTN that did the awkwardly placed quasi-musical montage. I’m also assuming the live audience was as confused as we were by the not-so-smooth segue and completely random choice of films autotuned.

When hosting, relax
If meditation fails you,
Pot seems to work well.

James Franco was high as a kite, right??

More like James Fra..nlkyIjustdidthisonetohonortheruleof3s

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