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Don’t Stalk an RBP, Stalk an Oreo Instead!

Today, Joel Johnson of Gizmodo confessed that he’s started following a “sexy black woman” on Twitter because though minorities are in the majority on the site, he had no friends of color there. So he picked one at random and became fascinated by what he found.

I really wish he had consulted me first.

See, Joel writes about the contradictions he found his Twitter pal and how that was confusing for him.

She’s a Christian, but isn’t afraid of sex. She seems to have some problems trusting men, but she’s not afraid of them, either.


See what happens when you start befriending someone who isn’t trying to fit into a very particular mold? It causes all kinds of questions and confusion. If only had had started with someone like me ( He could have had the benefits of diversity, without the headache of having to embrace someone all that different from him. See,  part of being an Oreo is not making waves, not rocking the boat and keeping everyone comfortable. Is he had picked me (, Joel could proudly sport his new (and I’m gonna go ahead and say sexy) Oreo friend and saved his fingers the key strokes it took to ponder what it means to be a layered individual.

Are black Christians more open about their sexuality? Young people? Northern people?

Yes. Yes. On Tuesdays.

There, questions answered. Boxes restructured.

Other than the computer-savvy, here are some other folks who are particularly attracted to Oreos.

And if you’re trying to attract an Oreo, here’s some advice on how to do it.

Who are your favorite folks to follow on Twitter? Are you surprised by them? Have you ever followed someone totally at random? How’d that go for you?