Ann Coulter Validates Gays, Oreos

Just like addicts do in their recovery groups, self loathers must find people who reinforce the shame-and-assimilation-filled lifestyle we have worked so hard for.

Such beautiful words.

The gays this week did a lot of things right and for their efforts, they were handsomely rewarded.

  • They chose to be gay Republican. And while yes, Republicanism is meant to be about limited government, a part of that limited government is making laws that prevent gays from marrying or having kids.
  • They named an event called “Homocon” which both emphasizes who they are and invites just the right amount of eye-rolling from those in disagreement.
  • They invited Ann Coulter to speak at Homocon. No matter who you are, she’s gonna make you feel that much worse about it.

And because they did all that…they got the greatest gift of all…this quote:

Said Ann Coulter to the H’con attendees when explaining why they shouldn’t be allowed to marry: “You’re not black.”

We should all be so lucky.