I Just Don’t Look Like Michelle Obama, Tho

About once a week at least one person tells me that I look “just like” Michelle Obama. They say this with straight faces, without being punked, and usually very excitedly.

Just for reference. Here is a picture of the First Lady.


And here is a picture me in the state I’m usually in when people tell me that I look just like the First Lady.

Just in case it’s still not clear that these pictures are of two different women, let me point out the differences.

Photo on 2-13-15 at 2.05 PM #2

Michelle Obama is 5 feet, 11 inches tall.

I am 5-foot-4 on a good day


Michelle Obama’s hair is a beautiful and even distribution of chestnut brown and black.

My hair is salt and peppery in randomly placed streaks.


Michelle Obama has gotten her pre-baby body back.

The other week, someone asked if I was pregnant


Michelle Obama can clearly do a few good minutes of kettlebell swings

I can recognize kettlebells in pictures.


Michelle Obama’s nails are a lovely length and manicured.

The pinky nails on my hands and feet refuse to grow at all.


Michelle Obama’s style has been described as “classic” and “all-American.”

My style has been described as “mostly from Target, but sometimes Ross, too.”


Michelle Obama is married to the thoughtful, progressive leader of the free world.

I once dated a guy who cried every time we went on a date because I “reminded him so much of the nanny who raised him… But she was more than a maid, she was like family. LIKE FAMILY!!”


Michelle Obama went to college and got a law degree from Harvard

I went to college and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, or as it’s noted on my diploma, a BJ


Michelle Obama has met the Queen of England

I have watched many episodes of Downton Abbey


Who do people say you look like? Are they also lying? Let us know about it in the comments.



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  1. Michelle Obama should be so lucky to look like you. If I were a bit younger I would make an attempt to meet you. Happy Valentines Day.

  2. I’ve seen pics of Michelle Obama when she was in her 30s. Yeah, I have ultimate love and respect for her but she doesn’t look like you now and she didn’t look very appealing then. But that’s okay though, she got where she is because of her smarts while you are in an industry that almost requires visual appeal (I’m sure you have smarts too though, but, she’s got you outclassed there)

  3. I’m still laughing…
    I get Julia Stiles. At least you’re A First Lady doppelgänger; I’m a chubby-cheeked b-lister. Loved this post!

  4. A co worker told me I looked like MC Hammer.. I told her that just because she knows five Negros doesn’t mean I have to look like one of them.

  5. Girl, someone told me that last week too….I look nothing like her. Different complexion, bone structure and build. It didn’t feel right. But I guess that means, we must look alike too then….go figure.

  6. Ppl have always told me I look like Tyrese or Denzel. I don’t think I look like either but I’ll take the Denzel comparison ANY day. When I was in college with dreads ppl told me I looked like Busta Rhymes which is a comparison I’ll never take. 🙂 I have to share a little back story with you… I’m been mining youtube for the past couple of days listening to a lot of gibberjab on interracial dating. It has flared up again recently along with ‘colorism’ because Kendrick Lamar just got engaged to his high school finance and many ppl are calling him a sell-out because she’s racially ambiguous. Going down the youtube *click* spiral I found a clip of you courtesy of a guy named tjsotomayor. Don’t know if you’re aware of his critique of you not dating a black guy but I gotta say I definitely disagree with him and I applaud your general stance which brought me to your website. For the record though, I’m a black guy who played the violin and trumpet in high school, could be found getting my degree at an institute of higher learning (UCSB, Go Gauchos!), love me some comic books and downton abbey, there may be some black guys out there that you’re compatible with. I would’ve asked you out when I was single. I’ve dated blacks, asians, latino, pacific islanders, and even mixed girls like yourself. Love is out there in many shades so just keep yourself open to all of them. Regardless, you’re entertaining! Keep it up! I’ve been happily married to a white woman now (technically 1/4 chinese) for almost six years and plan on having kids in the future so I look forward to checking in on this site from time to time to get your ‘oreo’ perspective. 🙂

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