Oreo Sister From Another Mister?

Dearest Lady Belle,

…if that truly is the name you were Christened,

For a fortnight, I have been pacing about my room questioning the very notion of a correspondence. I apologize in advance if my words seem out of turn or my manner too curt. But I feel it is of utmost importance that we speak.

I see your corset-perfect posture and raise you going en pointe.

I see your stagecoach rides and challenge you to a side-saddle race any day of your choosing.

recognize that you fancy your taking air with the blonde pony-tailed gent but I will show you a perambulation that will leave you both in shame. 

It is only for your benefit that I caution you to refrain from thinking that your station in the manor will cause you to be seen as the Oreo to emulate. There are many of us with whom you will need to contend. It is a battle I look forward to finding; and from which I feel certain I will emerge triumphant.

PS. Can we be best friends forever. Please for reals.

I eagerly await your reply. 

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  1. A little history first: I’m a white man who was in love with a black woman in the middle 70’s when I was in grad school. I wanted to marry her (which was the ultimate no-no in my redneck Pittsburgh area). My parents were outraged. It didn’t work out, so I’m sympathetic. I haven’t seen “Belle” yet, but hope to soon. I gather by your writing that you didn’t really care for the character or the narrative. You’ve mentioned your displeasure, but not you reasons. Please elaborate. I’m not being nasty, here. I’m on your side. Despite having an MA in English and being a published writer, I spent most of my life studying and restoring classic films. Because of my interest, I’ve seen almost every interracial film made (over a hundred so far and have most of them in my DVD collection), so I have some expertise in the genre. I’m no disputing you opinion. I just want to know why.

    BTW, I’ve been looking at your website for over two years now and you have done some very interesting and entertaining videos. My friend Brenda55 on Chris Karazin’s “Beyond Black & White” blog thinks highly of you, as do I.


  2. I’m not sure which stunned me greater. The depth and breadth of your vocabulary, only the exceptionally literate use en pointe and perambulation so exquisitely.

    The other stunner was your naked competitiveness. Haven’t seen such a quest to be number one since Tonya Harding. I’m not saying you should be the Alpha Orea that all other should bow down before and emulate. Hoping it won’t taking a lead pipe to the knee of Lady Belle!

  3. Yes please! Yes! I cannot wait to watch this movie. As a black woman who loves period pieces and all things Jane Austen and the like, my heart is eagerly awaiting this gem!

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