Oreos A – Z: F is for…

A little set of rhymes to keep Oreos on their best behaviour.

F is for Fresh Prince
Well, not the Prince – he’s no fun
We only watch the show
To take notes from Carlton

You had me at bowtie. You kept me at sweater vest.


Other banned Oreo shows (unless good cause can be shown for their viewing) include: The Cosby Show–any variation, A Different World, Scandal, Chappelle Show, Roots, The Wire, Treme, Real Housewives of Atlanta, anything starring Jack Black, Michael Ian Black, Rebecca Black, the Black Adder (to avoid even having to say or see the word) Kortney and Kim Take New York, Two and a Half Men, Presidential Debates (these few to avoid the blackness of the soul)

What are you watching this season? Is it Oreo-approved? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Darling, “Carlton Banks” and his delectable back-side was THE ONLY reason I watched the show!!!!! Truth be told, my h.s. actually had our own “version” for which the young man is now an Alpha legacy living outside of Atlanta- still cute as ever!

  2. Gorgeous,
    Every time I get an update from you I smile And you never disappoint. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sense of humor and your writing style

  3. Nah… I watched for Denice, no wait… Whitley. Maybe it was “Malery”?
    (BTW – Why “Two and a Half Men”?

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