When Oreos Disappoint

No one ever said that the Oreo lifestyle was an easy one.

There are strict rules. Sometimes your tongue hurts from how hard you have to bite it. Black tie events can go horribly wrong. And you don’t get to eat the delicious food that dare not speak its name (fried chicken for those playing along at home).

So it’s understandable when Oreos mess up. It might be that they didn’t check the roster and so now there are two of you at the regatta.  You may have received an inappropriate gift and now you don’t know what to do with this Beyoncé CD…or why people are still using CDs these days. Or you yourself might end up rooting for the wrong athlete during the Olympics and now need a place to hide all your Gabby Douglas swag.

These mistakes are forgivable.

Some Oreo mistakes are not.

Would definitely rather risk all my Oreo cred by eating okra than by putting this anywhere near my mouth hole.

Seriously, Nabisco. What the fuck?


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