It’s That Time of Year…

…when it’s around 60 degrees in Los Angeles, gyms are crowded full of people trying to earn their upcoming holiday dinner, credit cards are getting maxed out and families everywhere are coming up with coping tactics for awkward, yet obligatory meals.

Ahhh, Christmas.

Time to plan that caroling party to sing some old favorites…or learn new ones  (Like this one!)

What are your favorite holiday songs and traditions? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. After having read your engaging blog I can appreciate most of your other videos but this “White (on the Inside) Christmas”, I just don’t get it. You’re a great talent, but your videos, with the exception of a couple, just have no charm, and, on that level, this video is the worst. It’s just bad. And I’m neither referring to its production value nor your racial views, here but strictly its meaning – it has none. This video is not a satire of any kind. Rather, it’s a ridiculous video(period) I just don’t understand how an artist, such as yourself, who’s been exposed to so much high culture can create something so…tasteless.

    1. That’s the thing about art, some folks get some things, others don’t. I thought it was brilliant, hysterical, and perfectly exemplified her written topic matter. The issue of being accepted as oneself, and not conforming to a stereotype held by either the Black or White people you encounter is frustrating, and to make either side understand your issue it sometimes has to be expressed over the top. Then those who don’t get it might get it, and those who already have it enjoy the satire.

      1. At least we both agree that she’s brilliant and funny.

        P.S. OE is a feminist, so I think she might have a problem with your use of the word “hysterical” given its history.

  2. I think your video is funny as a white girl in Belize, I sort feel the opposite of you…. black girl trapped in a white woman’s body. I appreciate your homour although I do think you are a bit over the top. I enjoy watching your you tube clips, but I am a blogger at heart and I am so glad I found your blog.

  3. That video was pretty hilarious. I especially love the black dude that’s getting no love because that is totally me in a group of white people, and I use words like “totally” all the time. Shout out to all the big black anchors out there.

  4. I thought this was fairly amusing, but I feel impelled to point out that you look much blacker in it than you do in most other media. You might want to have a little talk with your cinematographer.

  5. Yeah… I have to agree. In contrast to all that white snow and skin you DO come of looking quite Sub-Saharan.

    I know the Mission Inn (in Riverside) is a bit far to the east but check it out for a nice “White”‘ Christmas.

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