1. Hmmm… sounds like the show tune you were listening to may have been written by one of the women Tupac was rapping about.

  2. C’mon, I’m sure even oreos have guilty pleasures and “Keep Ya Head Up” is one of them.

    You might ban me from your blog for saying this, but you’re a lot like 2 Pac. Like you, he’s a layered individual with very meaningful things to say. The academics who have written about him and the university that teaches classes about him all seem to think so. You just kind of have to go through all his body of work and learn a little bit about his personal life to really appreciate him, kind of like you.

    I think 2Pac is an intellectual, in his own right, who tackled social issues, but I would never compare him to W.E.B Du Bois or Karl Marx. I just think the comparison you make is unfair. However, I heard you on c.o.w.s and your description of Suddenly Seymour was sweet. So much so that I Googled it and had a listen.

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