Diary of a Mad White Black Woman – Little Girl Doesn’t Want to be Black (VIDEO)

Dear Diary,

When I came upon this video, I was saddened and disappointed at what kids will say.

A father jokingly told his daughter that she was going to turn black in a few days. She was not happy about this news.

And understandably so!!

I still can’t get past part of what she said, though. I mean…she should so not be okay with being a brown either!!


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  1. Well, the little girl obviously heard the racial profiling horror stories of Riding While Black. So she is right not to want to try the bicycling thing. As as far as being brown, it really does work for Eminem. Even if he has pale skin, he has a chocolate soul. Besides, what three year old girl hasn’t danced to Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” video. That made a whole bunch of little girls from all around the world want to be brown. She may be crying now, but she’ll be a fan of the tan in another 12 years.

  2. lol Well, she’s also learning at a young age that all she has to do in order to give her parents a heart attack is bring home an all the way, midnight, eight ball coloured bf.

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