First, let me say that as a good Oreo, I’ve only seen enough of Roots to know I don’t want to see the rest. Slavery, your name is Toby, wahwahbad, I get it.

But this weekend, after a family get together in Vegas, I discovered some interesting tidbits about my roots (other than the fact that I do need another relaxer soon). I learned that I am the niece of a Republican, of the inventor of a computer system that helps guide the F16 and of a champion cross country skier.

Clearly, I come by my Oreodom honestly.

Unfortunately, I did also find out that I am the granddaughter of a session musician for Duke Ellington and that one of my great uncles was a Tuskegee Airman. Two way ethnic occupations. Eh, we can’t all have perfect pedigrees. I’ll just make sure I frame the skier’s photos more prominently.

This is my great Uncle Lt. Andrew D. Marshall (the ethnic one). This picture is in the Smithsonian and was taken after he was shot down over Greece. Even though 'Tuskegee Airman' just screams's still pretty cool.

What fun stuff is hanging from your family tree?


  1. Not gonna lie, I can’t stomach Roots either. Not only is the cinematography ancient enough to make my eyes act up, it’s just…no. Yeah, no.

    My family tree? I’m the daughter of an 80’s computer programmer who loves German techno [and is slowly getting used to alt rock], and an aspiring psychologist. I’m also the “play cousin” of some well-off law firm partners. [We’re related, but my dad’s not sure how…]

    I’m only a second-generation oreo. Cool beans. XD

      1. Yep! Far as I know.
        I mean, in recent years, we’ve branched out to Oklahoma and Oregon. But we’re concentrated in the lone star state. 8D

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