The Minority Report on Inception

Nope, none in here, either.

Welcome to The Minority Report – a super quick movie review.


There are no black people in dreams. Or London.

There are black people in African markets. They all wear traditional clothes and yell at you funny when you barge into their cafe, bringing a horde of gunmen  after you.

Indians are smart and just a little bit hapless.

White people are by turns: troubled  leaders, smart and concerned, smart and kind, beautiful and compelling, stately professors, heirs, very nearly magical, misunderstood fathers.

Ken Wantanabe looks like the 6 Flags guy in his old makeup.


  1. Ahem. I do recall ONE Black guy or Black “projection” getting beat down by Joseph Gordon-Levitt while rotating in the air and I remember thinking to myself, “Hey this is like the only Black dude in the film and he’s about to get his ass beat.” Do we even exist?

  2. Pahahaa, it’s like The Dark Knight. The only black people in that film were criminals, mob bosses, or lackeys.

    It’s ridiculous.

    1. Pretty sure Morgan Freeman, the black super-helpful tech engineer guy, was um…black – he plays a pretty major role in the film…

      1. Maybe it’s a tip of the hat to Morgan’s own Oreodom. He blended in so well, his ethnicity doesn’t stand out anymore! Morgan Freeman FTW.

  3. Ah! Completely forgot Morgan was in the movie. Oreodom, indeed! He blends in remarkably well, then. XD I suppose you reach that point when you start out your career in a broadway acting troupe for anything but Tyler Perry or The Color Purple…

  4. Morgan Freeman was the white guy’s lackey. Not even the main servant (Michael Caine)…. the secondary servant – the mechanic…

    I guess Nolan doesn’t mind a black guy once in a while if he knows his place

  5. But on the same token, Michael Caine was a butler. All he did was clean, arrange ballistics testing, and offer advice with a British twang.

    Morgan actually helped Bruce *do* something with that controversial cell phone thingamajig. ^_^

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