1. You know Buster you sound like a really good guyI can reatle to a lot of what you post here on IRN. WOW!!! That was scary. I was waiting for the infamous transitional words of but or however and the bullet that would accompany it. I am honored you enjoy most of my postings. Most of what I say just comes from memory and the heart. In regards to the U of I, I respect the historians there and their body of work. Dr. Carlos Schwantes did excellent work in Idaho History and I have noted a large amount of material regarding teaching methodologies for History that of high quality. Despite these superlatives, I have bled blue and orange since 1979 and would find in treasonous, not to mention deadly, to pursue a masters in Vandal country. Now, to the main point of this discussion, Bill Gratton passed away a few years ago. Paul J., Larry Chase, and Marty Holtman would likely remember the exact date. I was unable to find it in research. Your memory has served you correctly. Bill Gratton did work for KIVI in his later career. I found an Idaho State Historical Society Reference Series paper regarding the history of Idaho commercial television in my research. I am including the text pertinent to Mr. Gratton found in the paper:

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