Diary of a Mad White Black Woman – Texas

Dear Diary,

I’ve been reading about the Texas textbook brouhaha. The fairly Conservative Texas Public School Board is rewriting history, making it more conservative and leaving out information about things like slavery and 9 of the rights in the Bill of Rights. (Bearing arms…still safe!)

I am so totally pissed at this!

Where were they when I was growing up??

When I was a kid, the only black kid in most of my classes, btw, I had to suffer through super awkward conversations about racism and slaves and fire hoses and ill timed assassinations.

How much easier would it have been to ignore these parts of history and gain the invisibility I’m working toward now!

I hated being the only kid in class to which these gnarly conversations applied and I would have given anything to chat about anything else.

Thankfully, though, that ability is being given to a whole new generation of budding Oreos.

Thanks to these re-founding fathers, kids whose relaxers are more grown out than they would like won’t get the double insult of the appearance of nappy roots and having to hear about how oppressed and downtrodden their ancestors were. They get to avoid seeing pictures of black people in textbooks–pictures that usually just drew attention to differences in hair or nose structure. They get a jump start on their Oreo Ed and though I am jealous, I am also happy for them.

I hope that my alma mater still does the “How the West Was Won” play that we did in school. Even though I took my trained mezzo soprano voice, and auditioned for the role of “lead female settler,” as the only black kid, I got stuck playing…the black person…I still remember my line:

“After the Civil War lots of slaves moved out west and signed up as cowboys on cattle drives. We drove cattle over 1200 miles through Indian territory and farm land. And it was a toss up as to who was most hostile to us…the Indians, or the farmers!’

My instinct was to play the line dramatically. Luckily, my drama teacher at the time had me change it. We played it for comedy, and we got a laugh every time. 🙂


  1. invisibility? as much as I can’t stand your Oreo rants I would never want you to become invisible.. One day you will stop trying to be a “special black” and just realize your just special… as for TX hopefully the internet will provide proper education since schooling has let the youth down… maybe i should do some animated history DVD’s teach the kids when they are 6 or 7 years old…

  2. if it was killed ie made invisible forever,maybe then it would be happy..this is just another disgrace to people of color.heres some advice oreo get a chair a noose and good sturdy beam to hang yourself from.no 1 will miss you anyway and white people will just find another pet to kick around.the world will be slightly better becuz of this!

  3. oh my god this basically defined my junior year in highschool

    right before reading Huck Finn (im the only black girl in class) the teacher made a HUGE deal about the ‘N’ word, and we watched a documentary on the history of the word and why it should not be used. EVERYONE stared at me it was so awkward! i wish we never had to talk about slavery and racism in books ect. we all know about it already!

    1. There was one day in science class where the lesson wasn’t “learn some science today;” instead, it was “Watch Glory.” A great film, but about indentured black people and racism and whipping and I got lots of stares that day. I had never wanted to balance some equations so badly in my life!

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