Happy Confederate Day!

News too exciting not to post! Seeing this headline totally got me out of my jet laggy haze.

Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell issued a proclamation in April 2010 declaring it Confederate History Month in the commonwealth

Virginia Gov. Robert A McDonnell. War hero by proxy.

Yep! In 2010, we are going totally retro! Let’s go rebels!

Part of me now wishes I could spend April there instead of tiptoeing through the tulips just to enjoy what realigining oneself with the Confederacy will do for a people. And what better event for an Oreo to attend!

One of the best convo starters  for Oreos is how the Civil War really wasn’t about slavery at all. But about big bad government taking away states rights to own slaves freely govern themselves and pass laws about their slaves.

I can only image what kinds of wonderful historic reenactments and costumed festivities will take place.  And hey, if the Sons of the Confederacy think that something is noble and good, then it really must be.

So say the Sons:

The Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans congratulates and thanks Gov. McDonnell for showing both the insight and the courage to proclaim April as Confederate History Month in Virginia.

This long-overdue proclamation will do much to promote education and tourism in the Commonwealth. It will also spur localities in Virginia to honor and proclaim their own confederate history months while encouraging the teaching of their own local histories.

Gov. McDonnell was spot on by using the proclamation to showcase the benefits to our state for both educating our children and promoting tourism.

Anyone going to celebrate, please take pictures. And tell them I’ll be there next year!


  1. I’m sure he was very busy preparing for the festivities. Can’t be expected to remember all the details, right?

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