Help For Haiti

Don’t think that it hasn’t been tempting to Oreo up current events.

On one hand, giving to charity is a wonderfully ruling class thing to do. Nothing reminds you that you don’t have to deal with a certain group of people than writing a check to an organization who will give you praise and a tax write off for your efforts.

But giving to ethnic organizations in league with other of colors, well, that makes you a pretty typical RBP, yes?

The post was going to read something like that.

But the more I listened to report after reporting coming in–and especially after the aftershocks today, the more I not only didn’t want to go quite so far over the line, but the more I wanted to make sure that everyone who can, did help out.

Some links are here. I chose Clinton’s campaign. And I encourage you to choose whatever suits you.

And don’t worry, the snark and cynicism will return later in the week.

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