Standing Out Gets You Back In

Being an Oreo isn’t just fun and easier on the ego, it is also amazingly practical.

For example: Tonight, I went to another staple of non ethnic entertainment: improv comedy.

I handed my giant, red and laminated ticket to the nice ComedySportz doorman and then realized that I forgot my Moleskine Notebook in my car. I asked if I had time to run back and get it. The doorman said that I did and then added:

“Don’t worry about needing your ticket to get back in, I’ll remember your face.” 

“Yes, you will,” I said, vocalizing my wager that I was the only black person in the audience. 

He blushed a bit as people often do when I point out this bit of obviousness. But how great is it that I stood out so. Otherwise, I’d be just another blonde or ruddy headed woman with a purse and he’d have to go through all kinds of mental notes to remember exactly which was I was. Or if there was another black person in the audience, surely he’d be confused if say that person stepped out to go to the bathroom while I went to my car. How would he tell us apart? But because I was the only one of me, I was granted free and easy passage to and from, however often I desired. 

I left him with a smile and went to my car to retrieve my journaling tool. 

When I returned, he was all smiles. “You were right!” he said and seemed surprised.

I was not.

You do not get to be an Oreo of this standing without knowing what kind of door your about to darken…and that you’re going to be the darkest thing on the other side of that door.

…Except for that sketch about the sociopathic sea urchin. That was was a pretty dark round of “Forward and Reverse.”

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