Can You Paint With All the Colors of the Rainbow? Of course not, silly!

Thanks to Anna for sending this article today. Posted on, the article describes how First Lady Michelle Obama’s dress was described by an Associated Press reporter.

The Associated Press, a news service subscribed to by news outlets all over the world,distributed a story about the first Obama Administration State Dinner. In the story, sent in by Elisabeth R., Samantha Critchell describes Michelle Obama’s dress as “flesh-colored.”


[Thanks to Madeline T., Anne Marie, Therese S., and Drugmnky for the screencap!]

Gee, what could possibly be wrong with calling this dress “flesh-colored”?

APTOPIX Obama US India

This is what happens when white people are considered people and black people are considered a special kind of people, black people.  “Flesh-colored” becomes the skin color associated with whites and darker-skinned peoples are left out of the picture altogether.  We see this all the time.  Bandaids, for example, are typically light beige (though they rarely call them “flesh-colored” anymore), as are things like ace bandages.

Obviously, I was saddened by this coverage. Understanding that what covers my bones is not “flesh” exactly, is…well, it’s why I fly the Oreo flag. It’s why I sing Jewel at karaoke. It’s why I’m gaining the proper certification to breed Devon Rex cats.

It’s also why I’m pushing for a “burden-colored” crayon, band-aid or fabric swatch. There really should be something in the rainbow for all of us.

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