Black Friday Shopping with The Oreo Experience

After celebrating a day that commemorates a time when people first learned just how much of their culture could be wiped away, The Oreo Experience is taking part in another important American tradition and starting Christmas shopping.

Before buying for family and friends, I must reach out to non Oreo acquaintances with a very special gift that will ease them into their transition by honoring our president and also reminding them how the pain of a hair relaxer pales in comparison to the embarrassment of untreated hair. 

By New Years, I trust that their patriotism will be in in place, as will their self loathing.

One comment

  1. you know what, i was listening to wyrv one day and you were plyaing a pretty decent country song and the next song you played blew me away. it was Jeff Healy singing angel eyes, i knew i had hit on a real gem of a radio station. where in the world could you ever hear such a mixture of great music, nowhere i’m sure but WYRV. i’m hooked. don’t want to leave the radio for one minute and maybe miss something. besides i have requested a few songs and have heard them all. thank you all for such a great radio station. and Brad and Cardova rocks!!woo hoo

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