Of Color Students Clearly Skipping Class

Six African American students at Washington University clearly did not review the take-home materials before trying to get into a bar in Chicago.

Bouncers kept these students out of the club because they thought their pants were too baggy. Later that evening, black students switched pants with white students and the white students were let in no problem. 

Obviously, this is upsetting. These black students are in college, a private college at that–a great start toward Oreodom. 

But then they got lazy.

Baggy pants? Traveling en masse with other of colors? Trying to prove racial discrimination?  Look, hipster jeans may not be comfortable, but they make things easier for everyone else. 

The upside to this story, the disparaged upperclassmen are retaining attorneys. I’ve seen enough episodes Boston Legal and Law and Order to know that the folks who can afford to do this tend to be the fairer folks.

Nice move, guys. The effort is much appreciated. Be sure to review this week’s material–and not just the Cliffs Notes. There will be a pop quiz soon.


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