OW Gets Behind the Gays

I would like to extend my sympathies to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered community.

This week, President Obama declared June ’09 to be LGBT month.

I would feel less secure about posting this link from a blog of color which explains the situation further were the author not a Republican.

imagesI sympathize intensely with the LGBT community. How on earth can a group blend in if they are pointed out?

I remember the horrors of Black History Month. Every February in grade school, I sat and listened to stories of people who were nothing like me while all my classmates stared at me, waiting for a reaction.

Did they not see my Dead Kennedys Trapper Keeper? My Girl Scout merit badge for dressage? My legacy letter from Bryn Mawr?

My life was nothing like The Life of Frederick Douglass. I had never been firehosed or relegated to a specific water fountain, overjoyed at gospel music or in anything less than a top tier academic magnet school.

But these were the only bits of information our textbooks thought necessary to tell about black people. So my peers looked to me with pity and I looked back at them confused and began the journey that has led to this Oreo Experience. (oooh, titular sentence!)

Why was this the case? Because the month made it so.

And now gays will suffer the same. Dedicated months don’t make people understand the intricacies of another people. They make people annoyed and defensive. And they make it much harder to blend in and ultimately disappear into the warm void of acceptance.

Lets the months be seperate but equal and then maybe we can all just get along

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