A Super Rat All Along

AUDREY_HEPBURN23I was invited this weekend to an Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed party. We were to wear our little black dresses and pearls and be quite fabulous about the whole thing.

I worried for one naive moment that I would not be the only person of color in attendance. And as you know from the Are You Safe chart, being one of two black folks in a room can be deadly for the Oreo.

But I arrived and saw that the room was as white as the pearls we were wearing. I knew I had done well.


Mickey Rooney made his trademark and incredilby offensive appearance on screen. The meaning of the quickly stifled laughter from the other guests was clear. It was the “I-normally-laugh-at-this-but-there-is-a-minority-in-the-room-so-I-probably-shouldn’t” laugh.

Had I been playing my Oreo card correctly, the laughs would have flown as freely as the liquor at the Derby.

I let my people down. I can only hope I can make up for it by hosting my own Song of the South party.

Who doesn’t love Disney?


  1. Interesting. As a Banana, I have a slightly different experience at Breakfast at Tiffany’s screenings, where I am usually the only minority present. When Mickey Rooney appears, there is the “I-normally-laugh-at-this-but-there-is-an-Asian-person-in-the-room-so-I-won’t” stifled laugh, and then the “wait-if-I-like-this-movie-am-I-racist” inner quandary and then the quick “I’ll-check-and-see-how-the-Asian-person-is-reacting” glance. Fun for all!

    If you invite me to your Song of the South party, you can totally come to my Memoirs of a Geisha party.

    1. Your invitation is in the mail. I will be at your MOAG party with bells on! Also with face paint, obi, and appropriately restrictive shoes on as well.

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